About Me

Position from 武当太乙玄门剑 (taiyi xuanmen jian)

My name is Sascha Ahlers. I come from Apen which is located in the north-west of Germany. I love martial arts since I’m 9 years old. At this time I get my first training in Judo. Unfortunately I had to take a break for health reasons.

After this I restarted with Judo, later I switched to Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi. While this time I already traveled to China to train Wudang Tai Chi for 5 weeks. Finally I quited my job as an IT specialist to live in Wudangshan (China). There I’m practise Wudang Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Actually I stay in the Wudang Kung Fu Academy (chinese name: 武当师行功夫馆) till the end of August 2015.

Why I’m study Kung Fu

After I have told that I will study Kung Fu in China, the most people asked me if I will open an martial arts studio. My answer in this point was only I don’t know. Actually it is not my plan. At first I just do this for myself.

  • I want to keep my health.
  • I want to increase my health as well.
  • I want to take new expirences. This means to see an another country, cluture and system and to try out new things. To it belongs traditional chinese medicine, other tastes of food and everything else.
  • I want to learn the real and imported stuff. This means the real fighting stuff, especially the internal martial arts technics.
  • And the most imported thing is, I just like to do it.

My coaches in Kung Fu and Tai Chi

October 2008 till May 2014

  • R.-J. Loewel (9. Toan)
  • R. Wichmann (4. Toan)
  • J. Poenisch
  • H. Pöttcher

September 2012 in China

  • Xiang (太极一百八式 – Tai Chi 108 form)
  • Li Yuan Fei (meditation: 道教动静气功 – Daojiao Dongjing Qigong)
  • 卢健 Lù jiàn (basics of Tai Chi and Qigong)
  • 陈师行 Chén shīxíng (correction of 太极一百八式)

26th August 2014 till 28th July 2015

  • 成家义 Chéng jiāyì (general Couch)
  • 谢小红 Xiè xiǎohóng (道教动静气功 – Daojiao Dongjing Qigong)
  • 侯珊珊 Hóushānshān (太极三丰剑 – Tai Chi Sanfeng Jian)
  • 唐伟 Táng wěi (五行气功 – Wuxing Qigong)

15th October 2015 till 15th November 2015

  • 许微含 Xǔwēihán (style: 玄武派 – Xuanwupai) Basic Training for Tai Chi (内功 – internal power, 站桩 – standing meditation)

September 2017

  • 许微含 Xǔwēihán (style: 玄武派 – Xuanwupai) 8 Energies Tai Chi (内功 – internal power, 站桩 – standing meditation)

1st February 2018 till 3rd March 2018

  • Ismet Himmet (style: 玄武派 – Xuanwupai)

22nd March 2018 till now