Start of the Blog

It takes a long time but now I can realize my own blog exspecially about chinese internal martial arts (Kung Fu). I choose the Wudang style for the research of the internal martial arts training. Finally I don’t just want to write only about Kung Fu, I will also write about basic of learning the Chinese common language Mandarin, helpful tips for traveling in China, some Guide to find the right places in Wudangshan and also give some basic in the Chinese culture. Finally there will also follow some imported tips which you maybe should know before you starting any kind of relationship.

Now I am already over 6 months in China, so I already collected a lot of informations and stuff about that I could write here. I hope you will enjoy most of the topics of these site and they will help you for your training, travel to China or study of the Chinese language Mandarin.

I very excited about this project. 🙂